Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little TLC can help with those energy bills

It™s no secret that we have some of the most wonderful weather here in northeast Florida. Sunshine and mild temperatures are the norm most of the year. These help us to have very reasonable energy costs. We do, however, have two times of the year when those energy bills can jump:   Summer heat and Winter cold.

In his article, œEnergy-proof your home: A caulking gun can get the job done, Paul Bianchina, writing for Inman News, says one Saturday spent with a caulk gun can help save you money on your electric bills during these energy-intensive times.

Offering tips for choosing the right material, Bianchina says invest in a good caulk gun to make the job easier and the results better. He also suggests a number of ways to prevent those pesky drafts and air leaks that waste our precious conditioned air to escape.

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Take care of your home, and it will reward you with comfort and lower energy bills.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brrr…Tips for Winterizing your Florida home

We don’t usually think about winterizing homes in northeast Florida until the weatherman tells us temperatures are predicted to drop below freezing. But there are a number of things you want to take care of now to improve comfort, ensure safety and keep those winter utility bills as low as possible.

Paul Bianchina, writing for Inman News, offers œ12 ways to winterize your home: Where safety, comfort and energy efficiency intersect. Among his tips: Check your roof, check for drafts, and move freeze-prone liquids on the outside of your home. Inside, he recommends reviewing fireplace safety, checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and having your heating system inspected.

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A few minutes of prevention can help you enjoy the northeast Florida winters the right way…warm and toasty!